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News Update December 2011

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Forthcoming Gigs

Damals Tour
19.01 Emden
20.01 Hamm
21.01 TBA
22.01 Wolfen
24.01 Osterode, Stadhalle
25.01 Paderborn, Paderhalle
26.01 Salzwedel, Stadhalle
27.01 Frieberg Tivoli
28.01 Neubrandenburg
29.01 Schwerin Capitol
02.02 Essen, Haus der Technic
30.04 Dessau
27.05 Albersdorf
02.06 Friedberg
02.06 Oberhausen
02.06 Werne
09.06  Denmark Open Air
06.07 Germany
07.07 Dresden Jung Garde
22.07 Leopoldsburg Belgium Bankruptcy Headquarters ^


News Update February 2009

We apologise for the long break in updating the news page. This was due to a short break in an arm commonly used to assist in operating the keyboard of the computer serving this website. Happily, normal service is being resumed and regular updates will be forthcoming during 2009. This year Middle of the Road has had considerable TV exposure throughout Europe appearing on major networks in 4 different countries in one form or another.

Time for a change

Stewart McEwan2008 started with a change to the personnel in the group. After 4 years as bass player Stewart McEwan left Middle of the Road to concentrate on performing with his own band in Scotland. He was an enthusiastic member and we were sad to lose him but the pressure of increasing work-loads in both groups forced him to make the break. We wish him well with his career and we will carry fond memories of his time with us.

Jacek Jan KomiagoStewart is replaced by Jacek Jan Komiago. The only member of the band not originating from Scotland, Jacek is a Polish resident in Germany.

Middle of the Road 2009He runs his own IT Business and has solid musical credentials, writing and recording his own style of music in his studio in Hanover. A colleague of "Shug" Devlin, also resident in Hanover, he has brought a fresh approach to the bass arrangements in the band and his vocal harmonies have enhanced the chorus work in Middle of the Road's live shows. His participation in all the band's 2008 live and TV performances has lived up to and exceeded expectations and we look forward to the 2009 season and beyond with Jacek.

Fickle Forum

You will be aware of another departure. That of the forum pages on the website. It was becoming impossible to block all the links to questionable web addresses. Until such times as we can eliminate these intrusions the forum will remain offline. The forum on the Fan Club site is still operating at

"Acceleration" Re-Mastered

Acceleration remasteredFor years now, we have been receiving emails requesting that BMG (now SonyBMG) release CDs of MOTR's original albums rather than the endless compilations of hits churned out since digital technology tempted us to update our scratchy vinyl for the luxury of studio quality sound. Well, we are pleased to announce that "Acceleration", Middle of the Road's second album, has been released in remastered 24 bit High Definition sound. Based in France, the retail arm of MAM Productions known as Magic Records has taken the plunge and licensed the album plus some bonus tracks, including Soley Soley, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum, I can't tell the bottom from the top and Yellow River making it available for purchase on their website, which specialises in retro music. You will find a link to their site here and on the links page.

DVD Delayed... Again!

DVDFrom direct experience, it would seem that SonyBMG are more keen to encourage licensing of the MOTR Product rather than releasing it themselves. The much talked of Middle of the Road DVD was to be released by them in 2008 but after two years of promises, they decided not to take it on. In spite of this, the design and production of the DVD is now complete with the documentary subtitled in French, Spanish, German and Italian. The menus and music items have been authored and inserted providing 2 hours of MOTR entertainment. The laborious task of negotiating distribution, country by country, has begun and we will keep you up to date with developments.

Belgian Bonanza

RimpelrockDuring 2008, the band was favoured with TV appearances in Germany and Belgium, where the five appeared at a major music festival in Hasselt. The "Rimpelrock Festival" attracted a crowd of 50,000 (apparently a record for the event) on the Saturday when MOTR appeared with such luminaries as Paul Anka and the Three Degrees together with well established Belgian Artistes like Frans Bauer, Laura Lynn and Rocco Granata . RimpelrockDuring several TV and radio interviews at the show, the term "Rimpelrock" was translated for Sally's and Ken's benefit. "Wrinkle-Rock" gave the two pop veterans something to think about.True to say that a little more time was spent in make-up than in the past but the audience, full of wrinklies themselves, soon proved that you're only wrinkly on the surface. They burst into life with choruses of Chirpy, Tweedle Dee, Soley and Samson and Delilah et al.

Recently, Ken and sally were interviewed by David Barnes for his website To find out more follow the link to the site, available on the links page. There is a wealth of information on many other retrosellers as well.
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MIddle of the Road 2007News

Middle of the RoadA very happy New Year from all the members of the band. We hope you are recovering from any excesses you may have unwittingly surrendered to, over the holiday period.

2007 looks as though it will be an interesting year for Middle of the Road with increased live appearances in many more countries.

BBC Five Live

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep CeepAt the end of last year, BBC Five Live short-listed 8 recordings to compete in a vote to be the UK's "Greatest Naff Song of All Time". "Chirpy Cheep Cheep" lost out to Black Lace's "Agadoo" in the quarter finals. The fact that they defined Naff as "a single that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and makes people smile when they hear it" is being polite to the extreme. The English Dictionary says something quite different.

We don’t know whether to be disappointed or pleased but Sally and Ken put in a "good" word for "Chirpy" when they were interviewed on the "Five Live Breakfast Show".

We don’t have news of the final winner, but you can check on the BBC Five Live website at

The Great Wall of China Expedition

In April, Sally is making the long trip to China to "walk the wall". She has started a course of training walks to prepare her for what looks like a fairly strenuous expedition. She will be taking a video camera with her to record her thoughts and provide a record of the trip. We hope to stream an edited version on this website in the summer.

A message from Sally

Sally CarrHi Guys.

I am doing my walk under the umbrella of  "Kids Charities  UK" with all donations received going to help grant the last wishes of kids who are terminally ill.

One organisation which will benefit is  "Wish Upon A Star".

I and the other friends who are coming with me have paid all our own travelling costs, unlike other sponsored charity walks who deduct travel costs etc from sponsors money.

This was a  dream my son Keith and I had... When he was young we talked about one day visiting the Great Wall... as tourists... and we started collecting two pound coins... to help fund the trip.

Now that Keith is no longer here, I want to make the trip in his memory. The day I start my journey back home will be my son's 26th birthday.

The others joining me are my niece Tracy Carr... Linda Leahey... Mary Cousins... and Helen Raine.

I myself would like to raise 20,000 pounds... a lot of money I agree... but whatever I raise will be a bonus and I'm sure Keith will be with me all the way.

I wiil be taking... Fred... Keith's teddy since he was just a day old, and who lay on his bed till the day he died.

ACC DETAILS. Sally Carr Chinese Walk
SORT CODE 07-00-93
BANK ACC No. 33333334

SWIFT IBAN: GB97 NAIA 07009 333333334

These account details are for anyone wishing to donate, and help me turn a dream into reality for some kids whose lives are to be cut short.

Luv Sally Carr xx

PS. I am training very hard for this walk.

Sally leaves on the 10th April on her trip east. We all wish her well and look forward to hearing all about it on her return.

Dates for 2007


10/04/07 to 21/04/07  Sally in China on a charity walk along the Great Wall


02/05/07 Dillingen Germany
25/05/07 Borna Freilichtbuhne  
26/05/07 Dresden Junge Garde  
27/05/07 Schwarzenburg Waldbuhne  
Tickets at


01/06/07 Ronneburg festival
02/06/07 ØRBÆK, DENMARK  
09/06/07 Brandenburg  
23/06/07 Vienna  

"Wired" up to Runrig

Ken and EricIn the Winter Edition of celtic band, Runrig's fan magazine, "The Wire", two articles, recalling much of what happened during the recording sessions for their first album, “Play Gaelic”, featured Middle of the Road’s Ken and Ian. Black Gold Record Productions, the audio production company set up by Ken, Ian and Eric, was commissioned to produce the album for Lismor Records in 1977. The articles cover quite a few behind the scenes stories and Ken gives a quite "nauseating" account of himself in a "Where are they now" feature. You really don’t want to know about that.

Sacramento... a Wonderful Town

KmaxTV in Sacramento have invited Sally and Ken to take part in a live trans-Atlantic broadcast on Good Day Sacramento, the local breakfast show. A satellite link from the CBS Studios in London has been arranged to enable the interview to take place. The researchers were browsing You Tube and came across a video of the band's recording “Sacramento, a Wonderful Town" and loved it. They purchased a recording from iTunes and wanted to know more about it.

Good Day SacramentoSally and Ken will be in London on Tuesday 27th February to take part in the broadcast which will also include performances of Sacramento and maybe one other hit.

The broadcast will be streamed on the web at, or:

you can view the video directly here.

Hits. Hype and Hotpants

Filming for the DVDI am tired of changing the year of copyright for this product but we are nearly there. 40 years to film, 2 years in postproduction, endless promises for a release date. There will be those of you out there who may be wondering if the DVD really does exist.

To put your minds at ease we have decided to give you a glimpse of the product by streaming the promotional video - click on the image below to view it:

QuickTime Trailer
Medium Trailer 320 x 180 pixels

Medium Trailer 320 x 180 pixels
Filesize 10.28Mb

The competition, which is now in the running for a Guinness Book of Records entry as one of the longest standing contests to date, remains open but there is not much time left, so keep those answers coming in.

Appearances in 2007

The year started off with trips to Germany at the beginning and the end of January. Rostok, Neubrandenburg and Wittenberg was the first group of towns to launch 2007 followed closely by Torgelow, Neuruppin and Uelzen. The largely seated audiences were treated to a feast of Middle of the Road hits.

Apart from the TV appearance in the USA the band is looking forward to trips to Russia, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland and Poland as well as Germany.